Pre-Reg Required

Horus Heresy - Adeptus Titanicus Narrative Event

Sunday - Adeptus Titanicus “God Engines - Magnum Opus.” Confrontation level games (1250 - 1750 points) 2 rounds, 10 players max, all rules books released before 11/23/2019 will be allowed.

Players will bring their painted Titan Spearheads. Armies are required to be fully painted. This is a narrative event so expect fluffy armies with awesome people!

10:00am - Registration/Check-In

10:45am - Announcements & Pairings

11:00am - Round 1 begins

Rounds are 2 hours each. 30 minute breaks between rounds.

Online pre-registration will be available via the PAX Unplugged app starting November 15th at 1PM Eastern. Event run by HAWC Wargaming.