Pre-Reg Required

Horus Heresy Mega Battle 'Mortem Incarnatum'

3000 points per player, Mega Battle Format. 1 Round, 12 players max. No Leviathan Force org. Lords of War are limited to one per player. Standard Age of Darkness Force Organization. Armies are required to be fully painted and no Mark 7 armor or newer is allowed. This is a narrative event so expect fluffy armies with awesome people.

11:00am - Registration/Check-In

11:30am - Begins

05:00pm - Ending (if not sooner)

Online pre-registration will be available via the PAX app starting November 15th at 1PM Eastern. As this is a team event, one and ONLY ONE player from each team needs to pre-register for this event.

Wait list admission available on first-come first-served basis at start time of event.

Event run by HAWC Wargaming