Kids' Day

How to Paint Your Dragon: Family Friendly Miniature Painting Class

Sharing a hobby as a family is a great way to spend time together! If you would like to learn some basics for mini painting, and get your kiddos involved, please join Vee the Crafting Muse as she shares how to paint a WizKids Wyrmling miniature. Space is limited so be sure to get in line early to register! The Workshop (Room 108B) is open to Children 10 and up with a parent/guardian so come paint with us!

This Workshop is sponsored by WizKids and Vallejo. All participants will be painting a WizKids miniature using paints from the Acrylicos Vallejo line of products.

Registration for this event will open on Sunday, December 8th, 9:00 AM at The Workshop (Room 108B). All workshop tickets are limited to one per person per day. Wait-list and additional non-participant audience seating available on first-come first-served basis up to event start time.


Vee Mus'e [The Crafting Muse]