Huldufólk The Hidden People Larp (18+)

We were never alone this world: whether named elves, fae, or Huldufólk, there is a hidden, magical people, living among us, fighting a secret war for our future. And they are very much like us. Join Winding Path Initiative for a playtest of Huldufólk The Hidden People, a new Live-Action game of invisible people influencing the world for good or evil, and fighting over the shades of nuance between the two. All materials and characters provided; no role-playing experience necessary; costumes appreciated but not required. For more information on the setting of Huldufólk, visit

After 50 years, the seemingly endless mine fire, which destroyed a community and became a beacon for dark tourism, has … suddenly gone out. A befuddled community, what remains of it, welcomes back their displaced family with the 1st Centralia Town Reunion. All who have made their lives, or ran from them, are invited back for a day of celebration and planning. Into the fray steps: the original owning family of the mines, with their own mysterious agenda; a tech CEO scouting a hip new location for a campus with a fascinating history; EPA scientists investigating what 50 years of fires does to an old mine, and how it could have possibly gone out; and paranormal researchers investigating the mines over rumors of hidden magical treasures. It may seem impossible for the fires of Centralia to have snuffed out, but with the influence of the Hidden People, the truth, and the future, are not always what they appear to be. Run by: Joe Terranova, Bill Mosher.

Register for play at the Winding Path Initiative table outside the LARP room (Room 110AB) on the morning of Saturday, Dec 7th.