Ages 13+

In A Campaign Built For Two: Duet RPGs With Your S.O.

Have two-player board games grown stale? Looking for a new Date Night idea? Or did the rest of the party just not make it out the one night a week you’re able to get the kids in bed early? Whatever the reason, there are more resources than ever to help you sit down with a partner and play some roleplaying games! Join our panel of couple duet roleplayers as we discuss the unique fun of one-on-one roleplaying with your partner. From D&D to indie RPGs, we’ll talk about the different ways you can play, the resources to get you started, and why exactly duet roleplaying games are one of the best hobbies you can get into together.  Sit down, pick up your dice, and get ready to tell some stories with the one you love!


Zachary Woodard [Co-Host, Heart Points], Diana Woodard [Co-Host, Heart Points], Ben Wallis [Co-Host, Producer, Pod of Love], Melissa Wallis [Co-Host, Producer, Pod of Love], Makenzie De Armas [Co-Host, Producer, One On One: A D&D Duet Campaign], Dennis Aldea [Co-Host, Producer, One On One: A D&D Duet Campaign]