Pre-Reg Required

Keyforge: Sealed Vault Tour Day 1 ($)

Entry: $45.00 Online Registration. $50.00 On-site

Check-In & On-Site registration ENDS at 3:00 pm at the Keyforge Prize Wall Area in the Tabletop Tournament Hall (Hall E).

Players will receive 2 sealed decks of Worlds Collide and choose 1 deck to play for the entire tournament.

Saturday Swiss rounds will be Best of 1 game, Projected 6 Swiss rounds (may be adjusted based on attendance).  Players with a record of X-1 or better will advance to the Sealed Vault Tour Day 2 on Sunday.**

Digital Æmbershards awarded as Prizing as well as:

Champion: Travel Award to a future Vault Tour of their choice!

Top 8 will receive entry into a future Vault Tour of their choice.

Full schedule & online registration available at

**Players who make the Sealed Vault Tour Day 2, please arrive by 10:30 am Sunday morning for deck checks and

to begin the rounds promptly.