Pre-Reg Required

Keyforge: Team Tournament, Archon ($)

Entry: $15.00 per Team, Online Registration. $20.00 per Team On-site

Check-In & On-site registration ENDS at 10:30 AM at Fantasy Flight tournament area in Tabletop Tourney (Hall E).

-Teams consist of 3 players each.

-Each player picks one deck to play for the Event. No 2 decks in the team can have the same house composition.

-No house can be represented more than twice in each team.

-Teams will play against another team each round. Player 1 of Team A will play against Player 1 of Team B. Player 2 vs Player 2 and Player 3 vs Player 3.

-Each player’s results will count together to create a "best of 3" result for the team.

4 rounds Swiss. Bo1, 35 minute rounds. Digital Æmbershards awarded as Prizing.

Full schedule and online registration available at