Learn & Play: Three Short-But-Essential Games

Why learn one game when you can learn three?! There are some games that aren’t always the "main event" at your table. They’re the warm-ups. They’re the games you play once the pizza arrives, or while you’re waiting in line for the Omegathon Finale. These kinds of games have to have certain characteristics. They have to be fast to teach, quick to play, and elegant in design. Too simple, and they’re not worth playing. Too complex, and they aren’t short anymore.

Join Rym & Scott, hosts of the GeekNights podcast, for Cockroach Poker, Ganz Schön Clever (That’s Very Clever), and Wizard! In this session, you’ll learn, and play, all three of these games!


Rym Decoster [Producer, GeekNights], Scott Rubin [Host, GeekNights]