Lesbisnakes, Orcs, and Vampires: Who are TTRPGs Monsters?

A conversation on queerness, ethnicity, gender, and the other in TTRPG monsters. Kill those monsters and take their stuff! We’ve all heard, played, and even written this narrative in countless tabletop roleplaying scenarios. How do TTRPGs frame monsters within the context of their game space? How does this historically intersect with marginalized communities, and what new exiting stuff is being made in these spaces to subvert these traditional "monster" narratives?


Kira Magrann [Game Designer, Serpent Cyborg Games], Clio Yun-su Davis [Game Designer, Freelance], James Mendez Hodez [Game Designer, Freelance], Banana Chan [Game Designer, Game and a Curry], Jabari Weathers [Game Designer, Jabari Weathers], Jonaya Kemper [Game Designer, Violet Riot Games]