Ages 13+

More Than Tools: Fostering Culture of Safety at the Table

How many times have you been at a table and wanted to use a safety tool, but chose not to because you weren’t sure what the reaction would be? It’s a more common experience than you think, especially among marginalized players. TTRPG safety and support tools are invaluable resources to have at your gaming table, but they’re only the first step. A tool is no good if you’re afraid to use it. Organized by the creators of TTRPG Safety Toolkit, this panel of safety experts is shifting the conversation from whether we should have these tools at our tables (Yes) to how to use the tools effectively, how to encourage people to use them, and what to do when they are used. We’ll discuss what prevents people from using safety tools when they’re offered, how to create and maintain a safe space, and how to support players through hard moments at the table. Come to this panel if you want to learn what to do before, during, and after the game to ensure that everyone is safe and having fun.


Lauren Bryant-Monk [Co-Creator, TTRPG Safety Toolkit], Kienna Shaw [Co-Creator, TTRPG Safety Toolkit], Dr. Megan Connell [Clinical Psychologist, Psychologists at the Table], Jabari Weathers [GM and Games Illustrator, JWM Illustration], Kate Bullock [Organizer, Breakout Con]