Narratives with Numbers: Storytelling Through Game Mechanics

Do you have an idea for a thrilling fantasy horror plot but can’t decide if D&D5e; or Call of Cthulhu would work best? Have you ever wondered how GM-less games carry their narratives? Join our panel of talented players from a variety of TTRPG systems as they examine the intersection of story and game mechanics, including finding the right RPG for your narrative’s genre and translating story from the tabletop to stream. Bring your questions, your creativity, and your dice—we’re about to tell some awesome stories!


Makenzie De Armas [Co-Creator, One On One: A D&D Duet Campaign], Donathin Frye [Creative Manager, Tales from the Grim], Stephen Dewey [Owner/Lead Game Designer, Cavalry Games], Renee Rhodes [Writer/Social Media, Monocle Society/Fate and the Fablemaidens], Eric Levanduski [Host/Facilitator, Once Upon A Game], Jess Go [Game Designer/Showrunner, Go_jg Twitch Channel]