Networking As An Introvert

Yes, we know it’s important to make real connections but how do you start?  I have business cards but when do I hand them out?  I’m shy and need time to recharge so how do I meet people when I’m nervous?  Get tips one how to brave social situations as an introvert with our panel of introverted-but-doing-our-best panelists! We’ll go over what to do and what not to do to “network” properly along with our own survival methods when it’s all just too overwhelming.


@anyayna [Director of Games Outreach, Kickstarter], @curliqtube [Co-Founder, Gather Round Games], Maya Coleman [Certified Badass, Professional Sole Employee, INC], @toits [CEO, Cardboard Fortress], @weirdgiraffes [Owner, Weird Giraffe Games], @reindeerbee [COO, 9th Level Games]