Pre-Reg Required

Pathfinder Society (2nd Edition)

Several modules will be available during this session. To register, visit Some seats will be available onsite as a first come, first served registration every morning.

3PM: PFS(2ed) 1-09: Star Crossed Voyages (levels 3-6)

3PM: PFS(2ed) 1-01: The Absalom Initiation (levels 1-4)

3PM: PFS(2ed) 1-03: Escaping the Grave (levels 1-4)

3PM: PFS(2ed) 1-05: Trailblazer’s Bounty (levels 1-4)

3PM: PFS(2ed) 1-07: Flooded King’s Court (levels 1-4)

3PM: PFS(2ed) Quest #2: Unforgiving Flame (levels 1-4)

4PM: PFS(2ed) Quest #3: Grehunde’s Gorget (levels 1-4)

5PM: PFS(2ed) Quest #4: Port Peril Pub Crawl (levels 1-4)