Puzzle Design Seminar

In this seminar, we’ll explore different ways to create a wide variety of puzzles for whatever type of game you are creating. We will discuss puzzle types, finding the right balance between challenge and satisfaction and an overview on how to play test puzzles. If done as a work shop, we will lead participants through creating and play testing their own puzzles with a whole variety of fun and creative craft supplies. Hosted by puzzle and escape room designers Ariel and Juliana from The Wild Optimists.

Registration for this event will open on Saturday, December 7th, 9:00 AM at The Workshop (Room 108B). All workshop tickets are limited to one per person per day. Wait-list and additional non-participant audience seating available on first-come first-served basis up to event start time.


Ariel [The Wild Optimists], Juliana [The Wild Optimists]