Ages 13+

Queer Quests: Unplugged Edition

GaymerX’s Queer Quests, Bi Battles, Sapphic Stories, & Terrific Transformations panel comes to PAX Unplugged! Tabletop gaming provides us with the opportunity to experience thousands of identities, worlds, and perspectives, many vastly different from our own. For LGBTQ+ folks, this can be especially valuable in exploring and shaping our identities. Join GaymerX and friends for a discussion on how tabletop games and the communities that form around them have helped us learn more about ourselves and discover who we are.


Brian Kunde [Culture & Operations Director, GaymerX], Tanya DePass [Programming Coordinator & Diversity Liaison, GaymerX], Sharang Biswas [Game Designer, Writer, & Artist, Independent], Eugenio Vargas [Content Creator, The Last Refuge], Ashton Duncan [Senior Producer, Roll20]