Shelf Appeal: How Great Art Gets Great Games Noticed

More often than not, the first thing that draws us to our favorite new game is the art we see on the box. In this panel discussion, artists and game designers will share their picks for games that have pulled them out of the crowd and up to the shelf with beautiful art. The discussion will cover topics such as ‘Shelf appeal’ through engaging box art, successful world building, and communicating rules and information effectively through art. If you ever wanted to put your finger on exactly why some games seem to jump off the shelves at you, this is the panel for you!


Tom Panico [Co-Owner, Silverclutch Games], Heather Vaughan [Illustrator/Game artist, Hvon Illustration], Doug Levandowski [Game Developer, Renegade games], Brigette Indelicato [Game Designer, Brigette I Design], Heather O'Neill [CEO, 9th Level Games, 9th Level Games], Jason Taylor [Freelance Art Director and Visual Restoration Wizard for Restoration Games, Restoration Games]