Ages 13+

Smack Talk Showdown Presents: Extreme Cardboard Wrestling

It’s Game Devs vs. Pro Wrestlers in a smack talking, tabletop throw down. Our competitors ditch the suplexes and steel chairs in favor of cards and dice. To the victor? The coveted King/Queen/Champion of Cardboard Crown! Can the Game Devs use their years of tabletop experience to their advantage? Or will the Pro Wrestlers verbally slam them through said tabletop? There is only one way to find out!


Matt Ringler [Game Designer, Double Turn Games], Tom Dyke [Events Director, Cards Against Humanity], Ophidian [Performer/Producer, CHIKARA], Metal Wing [Wrestler, Kaiju Big Battel!!!], Willow Nightingale [Pro Wrestler], Solo Darling [Pro Wrestler], Big Callux [Pro Wrestler]