Speed Painting Your Miniatures

Do you have a pack of goblins to deploy on your table next week and one night to paint? Did you receive a gigantic Kickstarter and feel overwhelmed at the idea of painting approximately 10,000 minis? This class will break down how to prime and paint your miniatures quickly without sacrificing quality. We will be utilizing inks and glazes over a pre-highlighted miniature to produce surprising results in a small amount of time so you can get your models on the table quickly!

This Workshop is sponsored by CMON and Vallejo. All participants will be painting a model selected from the A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game: Baratheon Starter Set, and using paints from the Acrylicos Vallejo line of products.

Registration for this event will open on Friday, December 6th, 9:00 AM at The Workshop (Room 108B). All workshop tickets are limited to one per person per day. Wait-list and additional non-participant audience seating available on first-come first-served basis up to event start time.


Zachary Smith [Blues Light Painting]