Terraforming Mars

Format: Single elimination, base game only, drafting, using Corporation deck. Max 25 players.

Registration for this event will open at 9AM on Friday, Dec 6th, at Tabletop Tourney HQ.

As this event requires in-person registration, adding this event to your PAX app schedule is for planning purposes only and does not constitute registration.

All games will be played using corporate era cards, as well as drafting. The draft will operate as follows:

- At the start of the game, deal each player 2 corporations and 5 project cards.

- Each player keeps 1 project card and passes the others to the left.

- Keep taking one card and passing the rest until each player has 5 cards.

- Deal each player another 5 project cards, keep 1 and pass the others to the right.

- Keep taking 1 card and passing the rest until each player has a total of 10 project cards.

- Choose which starting corporation and which of the 10 project cards to buy.