The Process of Evolution: Playtesting as Editing

This panel will feature a creatively diverse group of people discussing how they move forward from their first draft towards (but not necessarily to) a finished product. Often times, the most difficult part of any creative process is moving from the first draft to the second. The energy generated by the newness of an idea evaporates as the process continues and the work evolves.

This panel will focus on what to do after you have written your rulebook, alpha build of a video game, or first draft of a novel — including maintaining or understanding your vision, tone and aesthetics. What makes a good first draft vs a good second draft? How does workflow shift from the raw momentum of laying down the bones to precision of articulating an elegant skeleton? Which rules are kept and which are streamlined out? What bits of story are crucial and what darlings must we smother? We all fall in love when we start an alpha or a first draft; this is about what happens after the honeymoon.


Stephen Mazzeo [CEO, F.A.T.A.L.], Katherine Locke [Author, Author], Sadie Entwisle [Lead Illustrator, F.A.T.A.L.], Amanda Barbadora [Lead Developer, Evil Quacks], Jake McKenna [Lead Developer, Freelance]