The Resources That Changed My Game Design Life

Interested in designing a game? Have something in the works but no one to show? Or maybe you have a prototype sitting on your shelf and are trying to figure out next steps.

In this panel, we’ve decided to go straight to the source. We all rely heavily on different resources to improve our games, get involved in the industry, find a community, manufacture our products, and more (so, so much more).

Join a panel of game designers to learn about the resources that most impacted their work, and find out more about the different paths you can take to bring your game to life.


Gwen Ruelle [Co-Owner, Runaway Parade Games LLC], Jessica Creane [Owner, IKantKoan Games], Liz Roche [Co-founder, Gather Round Games], Nicole Amato [Co-Owner, Cardboard Fortress Games], Carla Kopp [Owner, Weird Giraffe Games]