The Unplugged Open: Tabletop Golf Challenge

Join Eric Yurko of What’s Eric Playing as he transforms the Learn & Play room into a full 9-hole course of Mars Open: Tabletop Golf. Participants will learn how to play this unique dexterity game, and will then be grouped into golf foursomes (caddies not provided) for a full circuit of play. Who will emerge with the lowest score as PGA (PAX Golf Association) Tour Champion and don the purple jacket?

No registration required. Players will be seated on a first-come first-served basis, with a queue forming outside of the Learn & Play room (Room 122) prior to event start time. Additional audience seating is available to view the teaching and event. Crowd noise will be kept to minimum during key moments of flicking cardboard golf balls. Appropriate golf claps required.


Eric Yurko [What's Eric Playing]