To Prep or Not to Prep

How much game prep is the right amount?  Do you need to start out with a fully developed word, or town, or anything at all? Our panel of expert GM’s discuss their history of game prep, what tools they find most useful for game prep and offer tips and tricks for other GM’s.


@SlyFlourish [Writer, SlyFlourish], @SparksforSharks [Co-executive Director, Game to Grow], @JamesIntrocaso [Game designer, creator of World Builder Blog, and co-creator of Don't Split the Podcast Network, Don't Split the Podcast Network], @Goblinkatie [Voice Actor, D4 Stream & Stellar Arcanum Podcast], @MeganPsyD [Cofounder, Geeks Like Us], @TheCraftingMuse [Founder, The Crafting Muse]