Ages 13+

Vampire The Masquerade Larp (18+)

Join Winding Path Initiative for a night of mystery, politics, and intrigue at our Live-Action Vampire the Masquerade game. All materials and characters provided; no role-playing experience necessary; costumes appreciated but not required. For those familiar Vampire Larp already, we use the By Night Studios Mind’s Eye Theater materials.

For nearly 3 centuries, June Summers, Elder of Clan Toreador, has held dominion over the Camarilla Domain of Cincinnati, which has grown very prosperous under her control. In order to give back to the loyal denizens of her Domain, Elder Prince Summers has offered up a Prince’s Gala, once a year, for the last several decades. During the Gala she allows the Kindred of her Domain to make a request of her — and she has yet to refuse a single one. This year though, as the doors to the Gala opened, they found the Elysium in shambles, scorch marks on the walls, and their beloved Prince a pile of ash. Who is responsible for the death of the Prince? Why? Who will rise to take her place, and who will fall trying? There’s only one way to find out! Run by: Jeremy White

Register for play at the Winding Path Initiative table outside the LARP room (Room 110AB) on the morning of Saturday, Dec 7th.