Ages 13+

Vampire The Masquerade Larp

Join Winding Path Initiative for a night of mystery, politics, and intrigue at our Live-Action Vampire the Masquerade game. All materials and characters provided; no role-playing experience necessary; costumes appreciated but not required. For those familiar Vampire Larp already, we use the By Night Studios Mind’s Eye Theater materials.

For over 100 years, Prince Rein has held dominion over Baltimore and its surrounding territories, a tenuous arrangement with the warring Vampire clans, often made worse by mortal failings. Prince Rein has always had a flair for the dramatic — when he becomes aware that someone is plotting against him, he throws an elaborate dinner party, requiring attendance from all the Vampires within the scope of his Authority. There he lays out in graphic detail his knowledge of their plan, pronounces the Blood Hunt upon them, and awards the heart’s blood of his enemy to the Vampire that slays them. This is the story of the third such dinner party. Run by: Nate Kelly

Register for play at the Winding Path Initiative table outside the LARP room on the morning of Saturday, Dec 7th.