Pre-Reg Required

Warhammer AOS ITC RTT

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Rogue Trader Tournament. 2,000 points, 3 Rounds, 32 Players Maximum. 2 GHB 2019 Battleplans and 1 AoS Core Rulebook Battleplan.  Mysterious Scenery, Realmscape Features, and Realm rules/magic will be used. All GW Rules, Supplements, and Battletomes published on or before 11/23/2019 will be used.

Armies should be fully assembled, painted and based.  Models should be WYSIWYG. 3rd party miniatures should be reviewed by the TO/Enforcer prior to the event by emailing

10:00 AM - Registration/Check-In

10:45 AM - Announcements & Pairings

11:00 AM - Round 1 Begins

Rounds are 2 hours and 30 minutes each. 20-minute breaks between rounds.

Army lists should be uploaded to the Best Coast Pairings App by 11/30/2019 for Judge review. Please bring 5 printed copies of your army list to the event.

Online pre-registration is available at