Worldbuilding for Lazy Dungeon Masters

Worldbuilding—it’s a quintessential part of running any campaign. But with the pressure to pour hundreds of hours into drawing city maps and outlining the complex political structures of your world, it can also be an incredibly daunting task. What if there was a better way to worldbuild? What if you could create an immersive world for your players in half the time? Join our panel of experienced (and oftentimes lazy) Dungeon Masters as we share our favorite worldbuilding shortcuts and the clever creative tricks we use in our campaigns.


Makenzie De Armas [Co-Creator, One On One: A D&D Duet Campaign], Renee Rhodes [Writer/Social Media, Monocle Society/Fate and the Fablemaidens], Morrigan Robbins [Lore Research Assistant, Wizards of the Coast], James Haeck [Lead Writer, D&D Beyond], Mike Shea [Author, Sly Flourish]